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    Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company, located in the District of New Developing Technologies, Beijing. Microview researches and develops the video image grabber boards, module, systems software ,high speed and high resolution camera etc. Microview professionally manages the image processing, medical image, industry inspector, security inspector, module analysis, scientific research etc.
        Microview has been developing video image products for many years since its inception. We are consistently focused on technological innovation, improvement and we take after-sale support very seriously. The company has invested a lot of technical resources in designing and manufacturing digital video boards and heavily supporting the clients on re-development with a group of senior/talent engineers, also with cooperation with well-known Universities and Institutions in the manner of long-term relationship. Microview has very good long-term relationships with many component manufacturers abroad as well. The company has set up offices in Hong Kong, United States, Canada, etc. Microview has been actively participating in a variety of meetings and conferences domestic and abroad,watching out for the movement of new technologies, and keeping the technology in company on the cutting edge.
        The company has a efficacious sales team .They are trying their best to develop the market, service for the customer before the sale and after the sales to meet the requirement of the customers. The company has also setup subsidiaries in Shanghai and office in Wuhan / Nanjing alongside the beijing headquarter which unifies the company’s marketing and sale. Moreover microview has distributors in Xi’an,Hangzhou,Chengdu, Shenzhen , Shenyang and other major cities over China .With tremendous support from our customers, Microview ’s products has spread into many different major areas and Microview ’s brand video boards has been exported to Germany, Japan, United States, Australia, Russian, etc.
        Looking forward, Microview will expect to be a modern company with highly experienced management, advanced technologies and highly skilled professionals to run marketting and sales steadily and flexibly. Microview has been and will continue being the leader in the imaging industry with the support from our loyal customers!