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  • Manufacturer: Microview
  • Series:GigE
  • M/C:Mono
  • Sensor Type:InGaAs
  • Horizontal resolution:640 pixel
  • Vertical resolution:512 pixel
  • Pixel size:15*15 um
  • Maximum line rate:200 fps
  • Data Interface:GigE

Product Introduction

ROSA Series short wave infrared cameras (SWIR Cameras) with InGaAs sensor provide high quantum efficiency and excellent imaging performance in the 900-1700nm range. It is used in the industry of industrial inspection, security, semiconductor,flame tracking, welding,military, penetrating fog imaging,etc.


Model RS-A370-GM200SWIR
Maximum resolution 640*512
Sensor Progressive, Global Shutter
Optical size 1 inch
Pixel size 15um*15um
Frame Rate 200Hz
Output Format Mono 8/mono 14
Dynamic Range 140dB
Interface Gige
Wave length QE 80% @900NM~1.7um